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I'm Andrea.

I’m a designer who works to achieve societal change through small scale, impactful actions.

“Act small, move fast, think big ” 


Skills and Passions


  • Italian

  • English

  • Spanish 


Hardware Skills

  • Advanced manufacturing

  • Crafts

  • Arduino

Software Skills

  • 3D Modelling

  • Adobe Suite

  • Office Suite

  • Programming

  • Parametric Design

  • Video Editing

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Make it easy, always

To create the best out of any project, you must find the right tune with the team. As a facilitator, it comes naturally, and then the creativity is granted!

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Learning while teaching

The thing I prefer the most while giving classes to students is what I get in return by creating a real connection with them

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Cooking is not a problem

I feel a bit stereotypical, but I cannot resist to prepare a nice meal for me and my friends or family.

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Maker as state of mind

I’ve always been keen to do more than just to think. There is no better way to proof your ideas than to test them

Current positions


Founder and Chair

Falling Walls Lab Delft


Master Student

Design For Interaction - TUDelft

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Designer Scout