Chaise Lounge Economy Sit

Flying V Interior Design Concept


Economy sit, yet comfortable!

I and my team were challenged to develop a new solution for economic class long distant passengers for the Flying V Design.

In just 50 hours of work we developed the concept of the Chaise Lounge Economy sit, which was prototyped and presented to the audiance during the Dutch Design Week in 2019.

My contribution was going from the ideation of the main concept ( to lift one row of seat ) continuing with 3D modelling, organizing the test set-up and pitching the project to our supervisors.

Chaise Lounge Economy Sit

How to make an economy class flight experience more pleasant?
Our answer was by shifting the position of the seats and allowing it to recline more.

Here the seats have the same pitch of the economy class, but with more space for the legrest and possibility of reclination, allowing the company to keep the same number of passengers but enhancing a new flight experience.

The complex contest of the airplaine interior design driven our design and the constrains of the flying industry were took in account during the developed of a feseable solution. The final concept is a vision and inspiration that has been developed further in the last years and got mediatic attention from channels like BBC or CNN. 

Team: Andrea Riccio, Janita Siriseth, Nard van der Werff

More information about the interiors:
Flying V, TUDelft - KLM

Paper about the User Evaluations:

pinpoints 06

Follow up

Our concept has been developed further and raised even more interest from different media channel, from CNN to NBC.
Click on the image to read one of the articles.