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Falling Walls Lab

The Falling Walls Lab is an interdisciplinary format to showcase the next generation of top researchers.

In 3-minute talks, outstanding talents and innovative thinkers share their research projects, business models and social initiatives with an interdisciplinary audience and jury. Academic institutions worldwide are invited to host their own Falling Walls Lab and to send their winner/s to the Falling Walls Lab Finale, every year on the 8 November, in Berlin.

Winning and founding a local Lab

I’ve been personally a finalist in Berlin in 2016 and after the exciting and constructing experience I decided to give the chance I had also to the community of Delft, while I was studying for my MSc.

I founded the Falling Walls Lab Delft in 2019 organising the first edition in Delft. I gathered a board to help me and sustain the efforts to achieve a high quality event and registered the foundation in 2020, covering the role of Chair and Project Manager,


Falling Walls Lab Delft

After a succesfull 2019 edition in person, during the 2020 edition, we broke the wall of social distance! The Delft lab took place completely online on 23 Sep 2020.

It was possible to join from anywhere, watch the presentations, and network with an interdisciplinary audience. We used a cutting-edge platform for networking and livestream to YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn called Veertly. We were glad to have our Jury select 2 winners that particiapted to the final in Berlin.

This year, the 22nd of September,  we are aming for an hybrid event, with some participants remotely connected and some in a physical location in Delft.
Keep updated on our website.

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