Hack the Marble Run


Working at Archimedes Exhibitions

During my 6 months experience at Archimedes Exhibition, I’ve been assigned to develop different projects aimed at creating an intriguing experience while teaching scientific concepts.

One project where I’ve been involved from the ideation and design to the production is the KugelBahn (Marble Maze).

I’ve been author of the first sketches and ideas up to some technical details like the archimedean helix to load the balls or creating the different tricks happening in the maze

Caring of the client, while designing

I’ve been actively involved during the concept phase, participating in the meetings and creating mood boards and suggesting feasible solutions according to the client requests.

After this phase I’ve participated as support on the product design phase, creating the whole system of the vertical helix to load the balls from scratch (including communication with suppliers of different countries) and inventing and testing different balls tricks that have to be implemented lately.

Moreover I was working also on project time planning and continues meeting with the project manager and the other members of the team.


KughelBahn in action