Boundless Collaboration

A post-pandemic vision for distributed teams

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This thesis describes the design journey that resulted in a post-pandemic vision for distributed teams and the development of a concept to fulfil the lack of spontaneous encounters in hybrid working environments. The research follows two different approaches, the double-diamond and the Dive method and includes extensive literature review, remote user research, future context definition, generative and creative sessions and a final round of ideation, prototyping and testing. The whole process keeps the user experience and interaction at the core of the research.

The project involved a Consortium of three experts in the realms of businesses, people perspectives and technology from three different companies: Muzus  Ford and Miro  Their participation was vital to generate knowledge at the verge of their fields of expertise and evaluate the ideas generated during the different phases of the study.

The next future will see a rising trend of hybrid workspaces and, in order to keep the work efficient, it is imperative to facilitate collaboration with the help of people and tools designated for this scope, as well as fulfil the gaps of time zones, cultures and expertises.

HYPED Magazine - June 2030 edition

How will the future of work be after the pandemic?
What should we do to get the best out of this remote collaboration experience?
How can we connect workers while working in a hybrid environment?

These and many other questions are at the core of my research.
HYPED Magazine represents one of the outputs of my graduation project during the MSc in Design For Interaction at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TUDelft.

For more information, click on the cover of the magazine and check the video below.

“The most important thing to realize about the future is that it's a choice."
Brett Victor


Project Presentation